Romp-rock group Featherburn unites varied genres in interactive performances
— LancasterOnline
On a platform behind the stage stands a terrific band, headed by John Milosich, who has composed original music for the pointed cabaret-style songs that Brecht’s characters deliver. Working with lyrics by David Hare — whose adaptation of “Mother Courage” this production largely follows — Milosich has produced rollicking numbers that blend alt-rock, American folk and Eastern European cadences (two of the musicians are accordionists; one’s a violinist).
— Washington Post
John Milosich’s original songs for this production, channeling Gogol Bordello, Tom Waits, and the great punk-turned-cowboy Jon Langford, are the most rousing things here, and when the company sings together, it delivers on the revival promised in the title.
— Washington City Paper
buoyed by a framework of period-style hymns and ballads by “song maker” John Tams, movingly sung by John Milosich.
— San Francisco Chronicle
Music remains an important element here, delivered through Adrian Sutton’s motion-picture-like underscoring and the folk-singing of the mellifluous John Milosich.
— Washington Post
All in all, this wonderful production is a testament to the power of live theater, which — with its added auditory delights including onstage musicians playing as cast members sing narrative songs
— Japan Times