One Precious Life - BONUS Digital EP (MP3)

One Precious Life - BONUS Digital EP (MP3)


Get Featherburn’s debut EP featuring their accordion-powered romp-rock; with side orders of groove, grit and rhapsody. Tthis BONUS version includes original artwork plus hand-crafted lyrics in calligraphy

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John “Milo” Milosich – lead vocals, accordion, acoustic guitar, kalimba

Tom Doorly – bass, vocals

Tim Jenkins – percussion, vocals

Jim Munster – electric guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar on Woven

Claudia Harrison – violin on Hiding in Love

Special thanks to our families, whose support allowed this music to be made.

One Precious Life was recorded by Bret Alexander at Saturation Acres Studio in Dupont, Pa in the winter of 2018.

Produced by Tim Jenkins

Cover photo by Denisse Leon

EP release date: 12 October 2018